Request for Full Account Deactivation

NOTE: This form is only for requesting the full deactivation of a magicJack account. If you want to continue using magicJack for the remainder of your subscription period and to avoid future charges, turn off auto-renew. Click here for steps to turn off auto-renew.
To request full deactivation of your magicJack account, fill out this form completely. The account details in your request must match the information on the account. To confirm your account information, login to Your request will not be processed with missing or inaccurate information.
Who is making the request?
Name as it appears on the Account:
Account ID (Where can I find this?):
The magicJack phone number associated with the account:
The complete billing address on the account (Street Address, City, State and Postal Code):
The primary email address associated with the account and where a response will be sent:
Reason for Cancellation/Deactivation:
IMPORTANT: The following steps are required PRIOR to submitting your request, incomplete items will invalid the request and deactivation will not be processed.