Switch Companion App

Each magicJack device service subscription comes with a free companion app. There can be only one (1) companion app subscription per active device subscription. The subscription can be used on different devices within the same operating system, however only one (1) device can be actively logged in at a time.

You can only switch between devices with the same operating sytem. For example, if you are using the magicApp on an Apple iOS device, you can only use the magicApp on another Apple iOS device. To use the same account on an Android device, the subscription setting will need to be reset.

If you wish to switch the operating system of your free companion app, complete the below form and select AGREE AND SUBMIT. Your request will be processed in 1-2 business days once the information provided is validated. All fields are required.

Incomplete submissions will not be processed or receive a response. To verify your account information, visit my.magicJack.com

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