Taxes & Other Charges

Do I have to pay any federal/state/local taxes, surcharges, or fees with magicJack?

Sales and applicable taxes are assessed on orders for taxable items originating from the states where the company has a tax obligation. Taxable items include, but are not limited to, magicJack devices, renewals, phone number-related fees, etc.  Applicable Taxes will appear as a separate line item on your order summary.

A Universal Service Fund (USF) fee is applied to prepaid calling credit purchases, and is then remitted to the appropriate government authority.

The USF Fee recovers the contributions we make to the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) under Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations. The USF supports the following initiatives:

  • Affordable telecommunications services to schools, libraries, and rural health care facilities
  • Subsidies for telecommunications service in high-cost areas and for low-income households
  • Telecommunications services for individuals with hearing and speech disabilities

Note: The USF charge applies to your purchase of prepaid credits, even if you do not live in the United States. As the carrier providing services for prepaid calling, we are obligated to bill the USF fee on all prepaid credit sales.

Upon registration of your device, as well as annually, we will send you an Emergency (E) 911 service invoice and ask that you click a link to submit payment. All funds collected for E911 will be remitted to the appropriate jurisdictions. Read more here.

There is a 9% administrative fee added to every purchase that covers various operating obligations, as well as infrastructure and support costs.

Is there a connection, activation or start-up fee associated with magicJack?

No, there are no additional connection, activation or start-up fees payable to magicJack.

Upon registration we will send you an Emergency (E) 911 service invoice and ask you to click a link to pay. All funds collected for E911 will be remitted to the appropriate jurisdictions.

Free local and long distance calling to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, along with all the other great magicJack features are included with your initial purchase. (Access terms vary based on device type purchased. Please see our Subscriber Agreement for more details.)

Are there any other charges?

Calls are free to the great majority of locations in the US and Canada. Calls to Alaska, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories, and pay-per-minute numbers require prepaid credits. If you feel you are required to purchase prepaid credits for a number that should be free, you can contact 877-846-5066. We’ll check the number and fix any errors within 2 business days. 

 To purchase Pre-Paid Credit: Click here and log into your account using the e-mail address and password you used when you registered your magicJack. Once you have successfully logged in, under the “International/Prepaid” tab, choose the option to “Add/View Prepaid Balance.”

Please visit our Subscriber Agreement for current information.

Are 411 Directory Assistance calls free?

Yes, 411 Directory Assistance calls are free with magicJack!

  1. To access Free Directory Assistance by telephone, dial 4-1-1.
  2. To access Free Directory Assistance on the Internet, click the menu button on your softphone and then 411 Directory under the Advanced Users tab.