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Will magicJack impact my ability to use my computer?

You may continue to use your computer programs, as well as go online, while making and receiving telephone calls with magicJack. magicJack uses only a portion of your bandwidth. Of course, the higher the quality and speed of your broadband connection, the better.

magicJack should not cause any of your other programs or applications to shut down – they should remain running in the background, with any data intact.

What type of Internet service is compatible with magicJack?

The following Internet services are compatible with magicJack:

  • Broadband
  • Cable Internet
  • DSL
  • Wi-Fi Network when connected via a computer

A minimum of at least 5 mbps download speed and 3 mbps upload speed is required.

Dial-up and Satellite internet service do not provide enough bandwidth or speed for magicJack to function efficiently.

How many magicJacks can I use with one Broadband connection?

You can use several magicJacks with one Broadband connection.

You can only use one magicJack at a time on each computer, but you can have multiple magicJacks plugged into the same router.

If your Broadband connection is weak, the quality of your service may be impaired.

Does my computer need to be on in order to make or receive calls, receive voicemails, or forward calls?

Most versions of magicJack can be connected directly to your modem or router, eliminating the need to have your computer on in order to make or receive calls.

If your magicJack is plugged into your computer, the computer must be on to make or receive calls.

What types of telephones are compatible with magicJack?

magicJack is compatible with most analog or digital corded or cordless phones. When plugged into a USB port on your computer, you can use a computer headset.

You can plug a cordless base station into your magicJack and use several cordless handsets throughout your house. However, please do not connect your magicJack to your house’s internal wiring, as that can cause problems with properly sending and receiving calls.

We do not recommend using a phone splitter with the magicJack, as it can cause problems with properly sending and receiving calls.

Note: If your magicJack is plugged into a computer, you might have to use a powered USB hub when using multiple phones in order to generate sufficient power from the USB port.

If you have a computer with a mic and speakers, you can also use it as a speaker phone the same way you would with a traditional telephone. A headset may also be used but is not required.

Each magicJack device provides only one (1) line of service.

Can I use my answering machine with magicJack?

Yes, once you turn off your magicJack voicemail. To change these settings:

  1. Log-in to your account at
  2. Select Call Features
  3. Click Voicemail On/Off/Delay
  4. Turn the voicemail OFF

Please refer to your answering machine’s user manual for additional details.

What computer operating systems are compatible with magicJack?

magicJack supports Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or Mac.

The original magicJack (silver box) does not support Windows 8 or 10.

Linux is not supported.

Can I block my outbound Caller ID?

Yes, you can block your outbound caller ID on a per-call basis.

To block your outbound caller ID, simply dial *67 before dialing the telephone number you wish to reach.

Can I send and receive a fax using magicJack?

Although it might work in some cases, magicJack does not support fax machines.

Will my alarm system work with magicJack?

We do not recommend using the magicJack for your alarm system.

Does magicJack work with caption telephone service?

magicJack is a VOIP service. Depending on the type of device you are using it may work. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if your device is not compatible.

Will magicJack work with my network?

Yes, in some cases, you might have to disable your software firewall during the registration process, and re-enable it once registration is complete.

Does magicJack work with PBXs such as Asterisk?

No, magicJack does not work with PBX systems.

Will magicJack work in countries with 220V?

Yes, but we only provide a USB power adapter that fits North American power outlets.

If you use the the magicJack outside of North America, you may need a converter for the the countries you plan to visit.

Will I need a second magicJack for traveling?

No, your magicJack is portable and you may take it with you when you travel.

You may choose to download the magicAPP companion on your smart device, which comes free with your active magicJack device subscription, and your calls will ring at home and on your smart phone.

Apple iTunes Store

Google Play Store

Can I use magicJack in a hotel or motel?

Yes, magicJack is ideal for travel and will provide substantial savings instead of typical hotel or motel outbound calling rates.

You must have a high-speed Internet connection.

NOTE: Some hotels or motels may block or restrict the connection however.

What network ports does magicJack use?

magicJack uses ports 5060 and 5070 UDP. You may need to manually open these ports to allow for full functionality.