How do I access my voicemail?

From your computer’s softphone (desktop app), click the Vmail button.

From a telephone connected to the magicJack - dial your 10-digit telephone number.

From an any phone not connected to your device:

  1. Dial your 10-digit magicJack number
  2. Press the * (star) key while your unavailable message is playing
  3. Enter your password (default is 1234)
How do I navigate the voicemail menus?

Once you have accessed the voicemail system, you will have the following options:

Press 1: Play Messages
Available sub-options:

  • Press 3: Advanced Options
  • Press 5: Repeat Message
  • Press 6: Next Message
  • Press 7: Delete Message
  • Press 8: Forward Message
  • Press 9: Save Message

Press 2: Change Folders
Available sub-options:

  • Press 0: New Messages
  • Press 1: Old Messages
  • Press 2: Work Messages
  • Press 3: Family Messages
  • Press 4: Friend Messages
  • Press #: Cancel

Press 3: Advanced Options
Available sub-options:

  • Press 1: Send Reply
  • Press 3: Message Envelope
  • Press *: Main Menu

Press 0: Mailbox Options
Available sub-options:

  • Press 1: Record Unavailable Message
  • Press 2: Record Busy Message
  • Press 3: Record Name
  • Press 4: Record Temporary Greeting
  • Press 5: Change Password
  • Press *: Main Menu

Press *: Help
Press #: Exit

How do I record my voicemail greeting or name?

There are 4 types of recordings you can set for your magicJack service:

  • Option 1 – Unavailable message
  • Option 2 – Busy message
  • Option 3 – Record your name
  • Option 4 – Temporary greeting

To set these options via the softphone (desktop app) or the telephone connected to the magicJack device, select the Vmail button then press zero (0) to select one of the above recordings.

From any telephone not connected to the magicJack device, dial your 10 digit magicJack number, press the * (star) key while your unavailable message is playing, then enter your password (default is set at 1234).

How do I know I have a new voicemail message on my magicJack?

You can set up stutter dial tone through your account portal. With this feature on, you will have a stutter dial tone, instead of a normal dial tone, if you have a new voicemail.

To enable this feature, log into your account at my.magicJack.com, click on Call Features, select Advanced, and check the box for Voice Message Indicator.

We also send your voicemail to the email address you designate in your account for voicemail in a .wav file format.

Can I turn voicemail off or change the time before voicemail picks up?

Yes. You can turn voicemail On or OFF and adjust the amount of time before voicemail picks up.

To change these settings, please login to your account at my.magicJack.com, click on Call Features and select Voicemail On/Off/Delay.

Does my computer need to be on for my voicemail to work?

No, voicemail will work even if your computer is off or your magicJack is unplugged.

What is the number of messages I can have in my Voicemail inbox?

Your voicemail inbox has a limit of 100 messages with a 10 minute maximum per message.

Each voicemail will be sent to your registered email address in .wav file format.

If you want to save your voicemails, we suggest keeping the emails and deleting the messages on your magicJack to create space for new incoming messages.

How do I access my voicemail on magicApp?

Tap the voicemail icon in the magicApp navigation bar to setup, customize and listen to your voicemails.

Can I change the voicemail or caller id time stamp?

All time stamps are reported in Eastern Time and are automatically adjusted for daylight saving time.

Unfortunately, the voicemail and caller ID time stamps cannot be changed at this time.

How do I configure voicemail via email?

With our voicemail to email feature, you can receive your voicemails as audio attachments directly to your email address.  To configure this feature:

  1. Login to your account at my.magicJack.com
  2. Click the Voicemail via Email link under the Call Features tab
  3. Designate the email address to send the voicemails