Common Errors

“Line in use” error

Check the following:

  • If you are using a multi-handset cordless telephone, ensure all handsets are hung up
  • Try a different telephone and/or a different telephone cable
  • Disconnect the magicJack device and try it in the opposite configuration (move a computer-connected device to the router, or router-connected device to the computer)
  • Try a different USB port on the computer

If the above steps did not resolve your issue, please contact our Customer Care team for further assistance.

When I attempt to use my magicJack I get a numerical error code. How do I resolve it?

If you are receiving one of the error messages in this list, follow the troubleshooting steps below::

  • Error 1
  • Error 2
  • Error 3
  • Error 4
  • Error 20
  • Error 23
  • Error 30
  • Error 32
  • Error 401
  • Error 403
  • Error 404
  • Error 410
  • Error 501
  • Error 1200
  • Error 3001
  • Error 3002
  • Error 3004
  • Error 4998
  • Error 2-3

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Restart the Device - 

    Connected via computer:

    • Unplug the magicJack from the USB port
    • Restart your computer
    • Plug back into the computer and re-open the magicJack Dial-Pad

    Connected via a modem/router:

    • Unplug from the modem/router Ethernet cable, telephone and electrical outlet and unplug your telephone from the electrical outlet (if cordless)
    • Unplug your modem/router from the electrical outlet for approximately 1 minute and then plug it back in
    • Plug your modem/router back in and wait approximately 2-3 minutes before plugging anything else back in
    • Plug your magicJack device back into the modem/router, telephone
  2. Change Ports - If your magicJack is plugged into your computer, switch the device to a different USB port. If your device is plugged into a router, switch the ethernet cable to a different ethernet port on the router.
  3. Test Your Network Connection - Errors can be caused by low internet speeds or unstable network connections. We recommend using a broadband-equivalent (or better) connection with a minimum upload speed of 3 mbps. You can test your internet connection speed at
  4. Change Cables - If restarting your device did not resolve the issue, and you have confirmed you have a stable internet connection that meets minimum speed requirements, we recommend you replace the cables associated with your configuration:
    • Ethernet cable
    • Phone cable
    • Power adapter (if available)
  5. Update Device Firmware - Click here for further information.
  6. Contact Your Internet Service Provider - If you still receive an error even after the above steps have been completed, please contact your Internet Service Provider and request assistance with the following:
    • Opening ports 5060 through 5070 on your router/modem
    • Lowering the internal firewall on your router/modem
    • Please check with your internet service provider/router manufacturer to see if there is a setting on it called "SIP ALG". This setting could be interfering with your magicJack service (though it is intended to be helpful) and can cause issues such as dropped calls, static, echo, one-way audio (the other caller can’t hear you but you can hear them and vice versa), etc. If it is there, please check to see if it can be disabled.

If you still experience issues, please contact our Customer Care team for further assistance.

“Error: Broken Storage”
  1. Unplug your magicJack
  2. Hold down the “Shift” key and plug your magicJack into your computer, with the “Shift” key depressed (this will prevent magicJack from autorunning)
  3. Click “Start”
  4. Go to “My Computer”
  5. Locate the drive named “Vista Only”, “Phone”, or “Removable Disk” (make sure it is the magicJack drive)
  6. Right click that drive
  7. Click “Format”
  8. Click “Start”
  9. Unplug your magicJack
  10. Wait 30 seconds
  11. Plug your magicJack back into your USB Port
What if magicJack does not start automatically at bootup?


When using your magicjack plugged into a USB port of your computer, it should start automatically. Please ensure the magicJack is properly attached to your computer. If it still does not start, please unplug it and try plugging it into a different USB port.

If magicJack does not automatically start even after plugging your device into a different USB port, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to My Computer (Windows XP), Computer (Windows Vista and 7), or This PC (Windows 8 and 10).
  2. Locate the magicJack device and double-click on it to run the software.

If the issue persists, the following advanced troubleshooting steps can be taken:


Ensure that the magicJack application is active in the startup section of the computer by performing the following:

  1. Open your task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard and select Task Manager
  2. Go to the Startup tab
  3. Find the application named magicJack (cdloader2) and ensure it is enabled

Your magicJack will now start on bootup.


  1. Please go to C:>Documents and Settings>Users>Application Data>Roaming> mjusbsp> in00000.
  2. Copy the file named setup and close that folder.
  3. Click the Start button, click All Programs, right click the Startup folder, and choose open all users Paste the setup file into that folder.

Your magicJack will now start on bootup.


  1. In the Control Panel 
    • Select folder options
    • Select the tab named view
    • Check View hidden files and folders
    • Select apply
    • Select OK, and
    • Close control panel
  2. Go to C:>documents and settings>[your name]> Application Data> mjusbsp> in00000
  3. Copy the file named setup and close that folder.
  4. Click the Start button, click All Programs, right click the startup folder, and choose open all users and paste the setup file into that folder.

Your magicJack should start on bootup.

If you still experience problems, please chat with one of our agents.


If magicJack does not automatically start when plugged in to a USB port, please plug the device into your router instead. If you still experience issues, we recommend contacting Apple Customer Care for additional support.

Your number is being identified as a local number when it is a long distance number.

If you are getting a message stating “Your number is being identified as a local number when it is a long distance number”, you need to call your long distance carrier and tell them to route your call properly.

For your convenience, we have provided some common long distance carriers’ phone numbers below:

Sprint 866-866-7509
MetroPCS 888-863-8768
AT&T 800-331-0500
T-Mobile 877-878-7326
Verizon 718-890-1800
Sprint 800-639-6111
Cricket 800-274-2538
Optimum Lightpath 866-611-3434
Verizon 800-837-4966
Bell Mobility 800-667-0123
Comcast 888-266-2278

For all other providers please check your monthly statement for their contact information.

Why aren’t my computer speakers working and why do I hear computer sounds coming from my telephone?

If your computer’s speakers do not work, or if you hear computer sounds coming from your telephone, please follow the directions below for your operating system:


  1. In your system tray (bottom-right corner), right-click on the speaker icon
  2. Click “Playback devices”
  3. Right-click on the desired output device and select Set as Default Device. Never select Tigerjet as your default device
  4. Click OK


  1. Navigate to Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound > Output
  2. Select the sound output device you wish to use. Never select Tigerjet as your default device